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Publicize Crash Course: LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path

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Yesterday, we learned the ins and outs of pushing your new posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Today, we continue our tour of the Publicize universe with the three other social networks you can connect to from your account: LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path.

The ability to share your content with different audiences quickly and easily will help you cultivate a healthy readership. Just as important, with Publicize you can tweak your sharing preferences so that each post reaches its intended destination: you can always choose which services to publish to, and what custom message to include (if any).

You can connect to these three services in exactly the same way, and from the exact same page, as the ones discussed yesterday. Simply visit Settings → Sharing in your dashboard, click “Connect” on the desired one, and authenticate your account in the window that opens. Once you’re done…

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New Launches, New Apps in 2013 ! Top Apps in Digital Marketing

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5 Smartphone Apps for EntrepreneursIf there’s one thing we can be sure of about 2013, it’s that it’s definitely going to be the year of the smartphone. As of September 2012, nearly half of all Americans owned a smartphone, and that number will undoubtedly increase as basic mobile phones and feature phones become obsolete and smartphone prices continue to decline.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have long embraced the smartphone, beginning with the Blackberry. Like its predecessor, the PDA (personal digital assistant, such as the original Palm Pilot), smartphones allow them to increase their productivity while at the same time lightening their physical load. Business owners often share tips with each other on the best smartphone apps to help them manage their multiple tasks and priorities. Here are 5 of our business-friendly favorites:

  1. Google Maps. Whether you’re an Android fan or an iPhone user, you need this app. (Sorry, Apple!) It’s constantly…

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Old School markeeters listen up !! How the role of marketing has had to change adapt and build on the digital world as we know it..Digital Marketing


The role of marketing plays a critical function in generating sales, educating consumers, and building brand equity.  A variety of channels, influence on consumers, and the metrics used to measure marketing has changed over the years.  Technological and cultural changes affect traditional marketing.  Exciting, new, and innovative approaches are displacing traditional marketing.  The Yellow Pages, one of the well-recognized methods that marketers use to advertise, slowly shifted to digital means.  Newspaper advertising, telemarketing, television and radio advertising, direct mail, and e-mail marketing are traditional ways of marketing impacted by changes in technology.  The news is readily available online and downloadable on smart phones.  With the fast-paced lifestyle in the United States, many viewers are able to record shows and skip through commercials using digital video recorders (DVRs) and podcasting technologies challenging television and radio advertising (Musil, 2012).

Traditional marketing and advertising are simply messages created by advertising agencies distributed through…

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Great to know whats the next level in SM…Is it all Fb and Twitter…



So you’ve done it! You have finished creating attractive social pages for your business or organization. You have completely branded your Facebook and Twitter pages with cover photos, backgrounds, buttons, etc. If you build it, they will come… right?

Well, not exactly. Similar to a brick and mortar business, you can’t just open your doors and expect people to come flocking in. It takes marketing, advertising and good public relations or word of mouth. You’re not going to get thousands of new fans overnight, so don’t get frustrated. Creating a social following is something that takes a solid strategy, consistency and patience.

How do you begin planning your content? One strategy for planning your social media is the creation of a content calendar or editorial calendar. Planning out your social media posts in advance gives you time to design custom themes for a particular month (e.g. holidays, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, etc.)…

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Is Your Child a Facebook Wild Child

Setting guidelines to monitor Childrens Facebook Behaviour and understanding the dangers that it poses…Valuable Statistics

Core Vision Technology

Children have always been vulnerable to real-life danger, but increased web access is exposing them to online threats as well. Facebook, in particular, is the digital playground for many children, but not everyone on the social networking site is playing nicely. Therefore, parents must take steps to ensure their child’s safety while using Facebook. Find out what dangers lurk on Facebook and how your child’s behavior on the site may increase their livelihood of becoming a target.


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